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  • 1. Why do we need your email?
    • Each Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker needs to be registered with a unique identifier and protected with a password to keep the connection safe. The email address is used as that unique identifier, however it is not used in any other way. We do not sell the information and all stored information is encrypted to protect the privacy of our customers.
  • 2. How can I solve connection and setup issues with your Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker?
    • Basic:
    1. Close all of the open apps on your phone or tablet and try again.
    2. Move your Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker device closer to your router for setup purposes. The Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker may not perform well if not in reasonable range of your router.
    3. Check your router's security settings. The Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker supports WPA, WPA2, and WEP security protocols. If you want to update after replacing or changing the router settings, please delete the “Off-line” device from your home screen and follow the Setup screens to reconnect your device. Please see “What do I do if I’ve moved my Wi-Fi slow cooker or changed my home router” in FAQ list.
    4. Repeat the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker setup. Some routers may take multiple attempts to establish a network connection.
    5. Verify that your internet connection is working. Connect your phone or tablet to your wireless network and access a familiar website like http://www.google.com or http://www.apple.com. If you cannot access this website, reboot your Internet modem or contact your Internet Service Provider.
    • Advanced:
    1. Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker broadcasts on the 2.4 GHz frequency and is compatible with the 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11b wireless standards. The product is not compatible with 5Ghz networks at this time. If you are having issues using a dual-band router, please contact your router manufacturer for support.
      • If you're using custom router firmware such as DD-WRT, it is recommended that you use the latest version. If you cannot use the latest version of the custom firmware, revert back to the manufacturer provided firmware.
    2. Switch your router’s wireless channel to avoid interfering with routers in your area that might use that same channel.
    3. Most routers have a maximum number of devices that can be connected and it may drop your Wi-Fi Enable Slow Cooker’s wireless connection because of that limit. Check your router's specifications for more information.
    4. Make sure your router’s wireless network (SSID) is set to broadcast and is not a hidden network. If your network is hidden, your Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker device may have difficulties connecting and maintaining a network connection. The Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker supports passwords of between 8 and 63 characters that include numbers, letters and special characters such as symbols and spaces.
    5. Some Android phones and tablets may be using a “Smart Network Switch” setting and it may interfere with the setup process by switching WiFi networks without your knowledge. You should view your phone or tablet WiFi settings and turn off the setting to ensure stable network connections while setting up your slow cooker.
  • 3. How do I turn on remote access to change the programming?
    • Once synced and the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker is plugged in, as long as you’re connected to the internet you're able to remotely program or adjust your Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker .
  • 4. Do I need to be near my Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker & router during set-up?
    • Until the connection is established it is important that the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker , router, and smart devices are within the same room. This will help speed up the connection process during set-up. After that, the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker just needs to be within range of your home router.
  • 5. What do I do if I’ve moved my Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker or changed my home router?
    • Moving your device to a different location where the appliance cannot access your home Wi-Fi network, replacing your home router, or changing the current router settings, like your password, will disconnect your Wi-Fi enabled Slow Cooker from the network, and your unit will show as “Offline” in grey on the APP.
    • Please delete the unit from your home screen. Swipe left on slow cooker and press delete. Confirm you wish to delete your device.
    • You will be sent to the Setup screen to begin the process of connecting to your device again. Please follow APP screens to complete the process.
  • 6. Can I use my tablet with the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker?
    • Yes, any Apple® device running version iOS 7.0 or higher OR Android™ device running version 4.4 or higher is able to download and use the app.
  • 7. Can I control the same Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker with multiple devices?
    • Yes, simply login with the email and password you used to first register the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker . This allows you to control that one Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker with multiple devices.
  • 8. Why am I not seeing the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker network during initial set up?
    • Make sure the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker is plugged in and the Wifi light is blinking (by pressing the start and stop button at the same time). It may take a minute for it to show up. If it still doesn’t appear, unplug the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker and follow the same steps.
  • 9. Do you need an internet connection in order for the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker to work?
    • To use or monitor remotely, an internet connection is needed. However, the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker can be used as a traditional digital slow cooker without the app. Simply program on the control panel and press start to cook without an internet connection.
  • 10. What happens during a power outage?
    • If connected to the internet the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker will send a push notification when the connection is lost, and also when the connection is restablished. If cooking without the app and the power is lost, the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker will simply stop cooking. If the Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker lost connection or power less than 2 hours, simply reprogram and keep cooking. If connection or power was lost longer than 2 hours, or you're unsure of how long, discard the food.
  • 11. How do I register my WiFi Enabled Slow Cooker?
  • 12. How do I submit a request for support with my WiFi Enabled Slow Cooker?
    • You can submit a support request online at http://www.prodprotect.com. When asked, please use model number "SCW3000S". This user friendly tool allows you to submit a description of your issue along with relevant pictures to help us troubleshoot your problem.


On the home screen & cook program screen the slow cooker color will change depending on status:


Please check Wifi and slow cooker connection


Enter desired settings to cook!


Please check Wifi and slow cooker connection


Check status with the app or on the control panel


Program or adjust at home or while on the go with the FREE downloadable app

Download the App

  • Download the free app from the Apple® App Store® or the Google Play™ store by searching the key words “Black and Decker Wifi Enabled Slow Cooker”

Open the App

  • Open the app, and the registration page will open up.
  • Enter your email and password that you wish to use for all future log-ins. Please save this information in a safe location.
  • Read & agree to the terms and conditions and press GO.

Search for Connection

  • Plug in the appliance and press the Start and Stop button until the red Wifi light blinks.
  • Make sure the router is on and your smart device is connected to your home Wifi.

Follow On-Screen Prompts

  • Select your home network and enter your home router password, then click next.
  • Select the Wifi slow cooker network and enter the password “12345678” and set. This password will always stay the same.
  • The slow cooker should now be synced to your smart device.

Program, Cook, & Enjoy

  • From the home screen open up the slow cooker to program.
  • Enter the desired temperature setting.
  • Enter the desired cook time.
  • Press start to cook!
  • Adjust or check progress anywhere where you have an internet connection.