Don’t stress about dinnertime —

you have options! From classic slow cooking to restaurant-quality results with the sous vide, this versatile appliance opens up so many possibilities in the kitchen.

See how easy it is

to dial in the exact temperatures and cooking times to deliver mouthwatering results on a variety of meals, appetizers, desserts, and more!

3 Easy Functions

Slow Cook

The 7-quart stoneware pot simplifies hearty soups and stews, tender meats, and soul-warming desserts. Plus, the locking lid with tempered glass is perfect for parties and entertaining.


Sous Vide

This is the easy way to guarantee even cooking on all your favorite cuts. To start, season food and seal it in a bag like the included disposable bags. Then set the temperature and the cooker will heat the water that surrounds food, delivering even cooking with no need to constantly check in. Once cooking is done, add a quick sear for a restaurant-quality finish.


Temperature Probe

Normal cooking can require constant monitoring, but the temperature probe does that work for you to ensure delicious results at the level of doneness you prefer when slow cooking or using the sous vide method. The lid has three openings for the temperature probe.


Additional Features

Digital Control Panel

Set the target temperature when using the probe, and lock in the perfect heat for sous-vide cooking.

Removable Stoneware Crock

The durable 7-quart pot retains heat and is easy to clean.

Three Heat Settings

Low, high, and warm settings for ideal slow cooker performance with a variety of recipes.

Sous-Vide Rack

The wire rack holds vacuum-sealed food in place for precise sous-vide results.

No-Mess Locking Lid

Lock the lid to take the slow cooker along for a party or get-together.

Built-In Lid Holder

Keep countertops clean, and stir & serve without holding the lid!

Featured Recipes

Whole Chicken

Temperature Probe Slow Cooking

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Just a few minutes of prep, and the slow cooker does the rest. The temperature probe ensures juicy, tender results for this flavorful chicken.


Sous Vide

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Dial in 132°F, set the timer for 1 hour, and prepare for a whole new steak experience. Once the sous vide is complete, finish the steak with a quick sear.

Mac and Cheese

Slow Cook

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Low, slow heat gets the cheese right where you want it to be—melty, gooey, and delicious. Top with toasted breadcrumbs to add the perfect crunch.