Crisp N' Bake Air Fry Toaster Ovens

Crisp 'N Bake™ Air Fry Toaster Ovens

4-slice modern-style Crisp 'N Bake air fry toaster oven.


4-slice classic-style Crisp 'N Bake air fry toaster oven.


4-slice digital Crisp 'N Bake air fry toaster oven.


6-slice modern-style Crisp 'N Bake air fry toaster oven.


8-slice extra-wide Crisp 'N Bake air fry toaster oven.

Extra wide

Whether you’re cooking your favorite fried foods or reheating last night’s leftovers, the BLACK+DECKER® Crisp 'N Bake™ Toaster Oven features Air Fry Technology so you get fast, crisp results. Like a standard convection oven, a fan circulates hot air to cook your food, but the Air Fry Technology includes a vent that pulls out moisture while cooking. This allows you to cook with little to no oil and still get that crispy, deep-fried taste. Plus, with five cooking functions, including air fry, bake, broil, toast, and keep warm, you can make a variety of snacks and foods to satisfy whatever your family is craving.

Crisp 'N Bake 4-Slice Air Fry Toaster Oven
Crisp 'N Bake 4-Slice Air Fry Toaster Oven
  • Air Fry Technology lets you cook crispy foods with little to no oil for that deep-fried taste without the fat.
  • Crispy results for a variety of snack and foods, including pizza, leftovers, and veggies.
  • 5 Cooking Functions: Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Toast & Keep Warm.
  • Available in 4-slice or 6-slice capacity.

5‑Star Reviews

2 Products in 1

I am so happy with this air fryer toaster oven combo. It saves so much space on my counter and I can still use both options daily. I love that I don’t need oil for the air fryer and the size is amazing to make food for all the kids at the same time.

-Anonymous *received free product

Amazing Product

Just finished trying out the variety of features on my new 4 slice toaster/air fryer oven and I am so impressed! It toasts bread and English muffins to perfection! As for the amazing AIR FRYER feature, it is better and easier to use than my expensive huge Air Fryer which takes up a lot of space. All I was looking for was a toaster oven replacement. So glad I did the research, read the reviews and now have this multi-purpose gem!

-FUSSY 33 *received free product

Energy Saver

I really love this little oven simply because I can use it for quick meals like french fries, chicken snacks, pizzas, and anything I need quickly so I don't have to fire up my regular oven. It has a bake, air fry and toast feature and comes with all your baking trays and racks. It crisps and cooks evenly and everything is tasty!

-peridottoapz *received free product

Small but mighty!

We bought this today! I wanted one that would take the place of my roaster but needed to fit where my toaster was. This one just fits. I will pull it out on my glass stove-top to use so that air can circulate around it. We used it twice today, shrimp and fries plus I warmed a roll. Worked great and was delicious!